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Getting to know Will

Name: Will (William)

Age: 22

Place of birth: UK

So Will tell us five things you'd like to do before your 25!

Before I’m 25 I would like to:


·      Be settled in a career in which I’ll have opportunities to become successful in something I enjoy and am passionate about, although I am still unsure of what that may be.

·      See more of the world – see how other cultures find happiness (in South America for example). I sometimes wonder if growing up and living in the western world we give ourselves unnecessary stresses and feel obliged to live in tiny spaces when we don’t have to. Even if after experiencing this I think city life is preferable at least I would have been able to make the decision myself.

·      Completed a master’s degree in something finance related. I have always enjoyed and shined at maths and this undertaking this would be complemented by my interest in how the real world economy and financial world works.

·      Give up smoking. I really try hard to be healthy (eat well, work out etc) and I have always thought these attempts have been in vain as I’m a smoker, which ultimately will always hinder my health. I’ve tried to give up in the past but when you’re on a night out and drinking and that, it’s easy to lose your self-control. Perhaps once I leave university and start going out less it will be simpler.

·      Most importantly I want to be happy. I’m quite a happy person generally – I don’t really get bogged down in stuff but who knows what the future holds.

Photo by: Rachael Boys


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